Thursday, July 16, 2015

Serenity Harbor from Barbara 1-7 and Selda 1-6

Serenity Harbor Sec 1-7 by Barbara
Good Day !!!
Barbara sent me a photo of her progress on Serenity Harbor.
Here is what she has shared with us :)
I changed a few colors as the silk conversion had a few I didn't like. I added another lighter Dinky Dye for the water so I could have whitecaps near the beach ( changed that, too). My red house is way too dark, for instance! I made one house grey and another a light yellow and I really like them. I love the Dinky Dyes Camo colored field where the sheep are! I am using Tudor silk for some of my top stitching, not all. This is turning out really cute. I used some leftover Thread Gatherer wintered grass and meadow grass for the bottom fields. I hope that finishes up ok. I wasn't sure as I got halfway through. I can always frog if needed!
Hope you like it. 
Cheers, Barbara
Serenity Harbor Sec 1-6 by Selda
This is section 1-6 from Selda and this is what she said:
 I am using the suggested DMC threads on 32 count raw linen. 
picture was taken with my phone, so I hope it is enough detail to post. 
I want to thank both Barbara and Selda for sharing their work. They were not able to do it themselves and sent me the photos and if any one else out there wants to share and would like me to do it for them....please email me with a photo and some info. 
Thank you everyone
Have a great day


  1. Oh these both look lovely! I get to this time of each month and am looking for some inspiration to get this month's panel finished - - am just over half way - - - and now I've seen it! Thanks ladies!

  2. Both of these are so beautiful and you ladies inspire me. I have been really enjoying stitching on my Serenity Harbor on and off this week and am still on Block 5 but making some good progress. I will try and make a post soon. It is fun seeing your progress here!!