Sunday, July 26, 2015

My Serenity Harbor WIP

It has been so hot outside and around 100 degrees so I have been stitching and making some progress on my Serenity Harbor.  I love stitching on it and finally felt I had enough to make a post today. It sure makes me want to come to this area sometime.  I also love watching North Woods Law and I got to see this show done near York, Maine the other day.  It is so green and yes the water is so blue and pretty there.  This project almost makes me feel like I am there as I stitch on this.   I am glad I have much more to look forward to stitching on this.


  1. Very pretty! - wouldn't you just love to see all of our stitching hanging in the same room so that we can compare colours/threads - - - and Rose borders too!

    1. Oh what a wonderful idea that would be!! I wonder if a room in a blog or facebook could be created just for that purpose. It would be fun though to have an actual room with all of them hanging up to look at. Everyone has had such wonderful ideas doing this beautiful projects!!