Thursday, October 1, 2015

Panel 9 - phew!!

Goodness - - finished just by the skin of my teeth this month!  I made a HUGE mistake with the big house, the two leaves and the river - - had to take it all out (over-1 stitching - - ghastly!!!) - brush all the linen to get the silk fibre bits off and start it all over again.  I haven't had the chance to add the final details to the leaves and fences - but hopefully I'll get the chance to do them during next month IF I don't make another mistake.  Now off to have a good stiff drink and recover!


  1. Just gorgeous! I am on part 7 so at least you have managed to keep up. I am trying to not get too far behind! Laura

  2. wow your stitching is awesome
    especially over one

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