Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Serenity Harbor WIP

Here is my progress of Serenity Harbor.   I wish I had more here to show but life gets in the way sometimes.   It has been a busy busy summer so far, but I am stitching when I get a chance.  My camera has also been in the pawn shop so I borrowed this one to show I am still here and loving this as much as ever.   I look forward to getting more caught up as everyone who has posted has some really pretty samplers.    I am also working on some other things too but Serenity Harbor is still a priority for me too.

 I had thought of maybe changing my water color after seeing one of the other ladie's project but decided that I still like my choice and hers is just really pretty too.  I don't want to frog mine out really and would  have to order it anyhow.   Well back to stitching here. :)


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    1. Thank you so much Donna for your nice comment!! I just love this design and have always loved the colors you put into your projects. The greens and the water are devine!!