Saturday, June 27, 2015

Panel 6 is done today - I've loved doing this, the colour palate is just lovely and it's a pleasure to see each little section take shape! Favourite thing thus far is still the trees!
I was a bit worried that the field where the sheep are grazing would look out of place as this is the only overdyed thread ( Dinkey Dyes)  but it looks absolutely fine.
I'm very glad that I decided to put this onto a frame.  The stitching is really dense - and doing it in tent stitch over one would have really stretched it way out of shape.  I took it off the frame this morning as I have to reposition it ready for Panel 7, just gave it a tiny tug and a light press and it's nice and square.  So, top tip for anyone thinking about using a stretcher frame - do it!
Have decided to leave any 'back stitch' on the fence and the trees until the very end, last thing before taking it to be framed.