Monday, April 6, 2015

Stitching - in hand or on a frame?

This past weekend I had a lovely time working my way across Panel 4 - gorgeous!  However, I may have come up against a wrinkle so I would love to know your thoughts - - - - I usually stitch in hand, I have pretty good, even tension and have not had a problem with my stitching pulling out of shape.  However - for this project I am stitching on 35ct linen over one - and using tent stitch.  at present the piece looks absolutely fine - no tugging, no stretching etc. but we are just getting into the very dense, heavy duty stitching where every square inch will be covered in stitching.  I am now worried that I will pull it out of shape - and I wonder if I should put it onto a frame for the rest of the project.  I have a Millenium frame which would work very well and plenty of space top and bottom to mount it - - but I do love stitching in hand best!!!  What do you think?



  1. Wendy, I'm probably not the person to be commenting on your questions since I've never stitched in hand. But I'm stitching mine over one (full cross stitches) on 28ct fabric and have it on a frame on my floor stand. I've never experienced any "tugging" or "stretching" with any of my stitching, and since you're using tent stitches I would not expect that to be a problem at all. Good luck!

  2. Wendy - I stitch in hand too. I've been able to reduce the risk of stretching or pulling the piece out of shape by loosening up on my tension when stitching over one and especially when the area is densely stitched.

  3. Wendy I have always stitched in hand, samplers or smalls but decided to stitch this on my Millenium frame because of the densly stitched area. Although slower my stitching does appear a little more even. I was also worried that I would be agitating the already stitched areas if stitching in hand.

  4. I also stitch in hand no matter the size or amount of stitches in an area, I'm
    Stitching on 28 over 1 and so far don't notice any misshapen areas. Like the other comments I think if you keep the stitches relaxed you'll be ok :)